Spirit Molecule is one of the biggest online blogs in its niche. Started shortly after Dr Strassman’s documentary & book release titled “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”. The website is beautiful, full of colour and runs at the speed of light. Duowl was responsible for getting the project off the ground from zero to 100. We created the Logo, Website and ran their SEO & Online Marketing Strategy. Today they recieve over 5000 hits per day via Organic Traffic alone!

Spirit Molecule Blog & Brand Identity

After the launch of the award-winning Documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule”, we were hired to carry out the branding and construction of the online portal for spiritmolecule.com.


Our client wanted a robust and powerful website that could easily be upgraded in the future should the client need further features implemented, such as eCommerce and Community.


The website was built using the WordPress CMS Framework. The theme was custom made to suit our clients specifications and everything was built from the ground up, including all Branding and Logo materials.


The website is now one of the biggest online communities in its niche, bringing over 5000 unique visitors per month and is soon expading to include a fully featured eCommerce section.


PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, CMS, Web Application, Git, Ecommerce


Web Design & Development, Illustration, Logo Design, Branding, Brand Identity


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